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flow works very hard to protect your data securely.

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  • Network Security

    flow blocks unidentified external access
    to the server or database strictly.

  • Data Encryption

    All traffic and data on flow are encrypted
    and managed securely.

  • Incident Response

    flow team standby for any security
    incident 24/7.

Main Security Features

  1. 01 Secret Message

    Secret message mode enables private conversations,
    and it won't be saved at all.

  2. 02 File download Monitoring

    Account admins can track file download activities.

  3. 03 Block file downloads

    Account admins can restrict file downloads on flow.
    Users can only read through the web viewer.

  4. 04 Screenshot Monitoring

    flow detects screenshot actions from Apple devices
    and creates a history in real-time.

  5. 05 Disable Screen Capture

    Account admins can block screen capturing on Android devices.

  6. 06 2 Factor Authentication

    Additional verification for unusual log-in attemps.

  7. 07 Prevent Multiple Logins

    Allow single device log-in on each platform such as PC and
    Mobile, and restrict extra log-ins.

  8. 08 Feed Access

    Authors can grant post access to secure important files and data.

  9. 09 Account Control

    Resigned accounts are easily manageable, so that account
    admins can protect data from retirees.

  10. 10 Data Encryption

    All customer data is encrypted and securely managed.

All these great features are included in one solution!

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